It is expected that the number of engineers in India would increase by 35% by the end of 2018 while there would be no significant increase in the number of jobs. As the competition increases, a personís ability to exhibit and showcase his aptitude skills and his attitude would be paramount.

        There are a number of steps that lie between an individual and the prospective company that employs him. We focus on escalating the position of the student and increasing his employability quotient by instilling in him the right skills.

        Apt Training Resources primarily concentrates on enriching an individualís personal and interpersonal skills, aiding him to fit right in the corporate environment. Founded in July 2008, Apt Training Resources aims to bridge the gap between the position of the average student before his entry into his relevant industry and the expectations of the corporate. Right from the first round of aptitude tests leading all the way through group discussions to the final interview, we equip the student with the best tools in terms of aptitude and communication training.

        Working on the belief that every individualís innate potentials and aptitude are immutable, we strive to rub out the latency of these skills and enable them to surface. Our trainers come from different walks of life with more than a decade of industrial experience which enables them to decipher the needs of the industry and successfully impart the relevant skills to the student.

        Our team boasts of excellent training methodologies helping students identify their weaknesses and eliminate them. Our unique training modules and the iterative research cycles that focus on enhancing our system promise the best in the market at very affordable package rates. We understand that all colleges spread across the length and breadth of the country would have different requirements and therefore we strive to offer the best individual packages for every possible need.